The Future Is Better Comrade


Blerta Haziraj


14 min


OV Albanian| German


Documentary, Short






Film director


Village women from Kosova share their life stories and abandoned dreams. Behind thick walls, silence and years of longing for school, the voices of these mothers, grandmothers and workers weave an intimate portrait of overlooked realities.



Blerta Haziraj (1994) is a researcher and film director based in Prishtina. Her artistic practice focuses on the archives of feminist literature in Kosova which she interprets artistically through experimental films, exhibitions, fanzines, and other forms of production. She has directed three short films, highlighting the lives of women in the rural areas of Kosova: 'How I Failed Documenting Male Gaze' (2021), 'Your Eyes and Hands Must be Seen Everywhere' (2022), and 'The Future is Better, Comrade' as part of her exhibition ATO in Autostrada Biennale (2023) where she presented her archival research of the Women's Antifascist Front of Kosova. Blerta is the co-founder of Pyke Bookshop and Pyke-Presje, a research collective that produces experimental artistic publications in Prizren and organizes exhibitions, workshops, and discursive programs by researching local histories and people’s movements through archives. She is the winner of the Prince Claus Fund, Seed Award, 2023.


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