Silence Of Sirens


Gazmend Nela


96 min


OV Albanian | German




Sunaj Raca, Amernis Nokshiqi, Allmir Suhodolli, Rina Karsniqi, Martin Ostermeier


Switzerland, Kosovo, Albania, North Macedonia




Alva Film

Avni is a traffic police officer in a small town in Kosovo, an ordinary policeman and family man, neither very honest nor very brave. Together with his partner Gezim, he accepts petty bribes from the drivers they arrest for speeding. One night, thinking they were doing the right thing, they escort a drunken international court prosecutor to the station with a duffel bag full of money in the back of his car. Avni and Gezim find themselves embroiled in a corruption case that is way beyond them.

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Born in 1982 in Kosovo, Gazmend started to shoot films as a kid with a Super 16mm camera inherited from his father. At the end of the war (1999), he came back from Macedonia, where he had been staying as a refugee, and started to work as a freelance photo- grapher, for local newspaper and later on for international organizations as UNMIK, OXFAM and Danish Refugee Council.

In 2003 he enrolled at the Faculty of Arts in the Film & TV Directing department and worked as a Documentary Film Maker. In 2017, he co-founded the first post production lab in Kosovo — In My Country Post Production.

In 2017, his debut feature film ROOFTOP STORY premiered in World film festival Montreal. In 2021, Gazmend shot his second feature «Silence of Sirens». He is currently a Lecturer on Film Studies at Prishtina University.


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