Përtej Territ + Q&A

21. Sep, 20:00Kino REX

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Donjeta Mejtani


25 min


OV Albanian | German








Katarzë Films


Three brave Kosovar women tell their life stories, of how they survived abuse and violence, but over the years their cases remain neglected and not properly solved by the institutions of the country of Kosovo. While still waiting to get the help they deserve, they give details of their struggle for salvation and demand justice be served. However, it took courage, to speak out openly about the challenges they went through, and they hope that their courage to come out of the darkness into the light will resonate in Kosovar institutions and the society.

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Donjeta Mejtani —Has been working for several years as an arts, culture and social journalist in written and radio journalism. She directed the film “Përtej Territ”, which deals with the topic of abuse and violence against women in Kosovar society; and was assistant director of Leart Rama in the making of the film “Four Pills At Night”. Also worked at Manifesta 14 European Biennale as an arts and culture mediator. Studied Music Production at the University of Business and Technology in Kosovo and produces electronic music. She is a human rights activist. Lives and works in Pristina.



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