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22. Sep, 17:30Kellerkino

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Dorentina Imeri


14 min


OV Albanian | German


Short, fiction






Film director


An Albanian family struggles to stay afloat and integrate in Switzerland. In the process, the learning difficulties of the youngest family member put the family to an additional test. The parents lack the time and money to support her in school. To prevent the thread from breaking, the older sister of the immigrant family takes on all the responsibility and puts her needs in the background.

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In 1993, Dorentina Imeri was born as a child of albanian immigrants in Solothurn, Switzerland. Her interest in art and theater had brought her into film. In 2017, she began persuing a bachelor in film at the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK). In 2019, she completed an exchange semester at the School of Visual Theatre (SVT) in Jerusalem as a part of her studies. In 2021, her first short doc TomBoy had its world premiere at the Tirana International Film Festival in the category Divergent Minds. In 2022, she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Film with focus on screenwriting. She then completed an internship in Cinema Studies at the Institute of Performing Arts and Film at ZHdK. Her first feature length documentary MJEGULL is now in postproduction and with Stefania Burla she is co-writing their first feature length film E VJEDHUR.



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