To Vancouver

23. Sep, 17:00Kellerkino

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Artemis Anastasiadou


24 min


OV Greek, English




Margianna Karvouniari, Vassilis Koutsogiannis






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Two  siblings,  one  spell,  wounded landscapes  and  an  inevitable  departure.
“To Vancouver” is a short chronicle of a disappearing act in the times of the new Depression.

DiRECTOR’S STATEMENT                                        
Vicky  uses  this  magic spell to make coins appear and disappear. She ultimately uses it with the hope to control the fate of her beloved sibling, before he goes away.
“To Vancouver” explores the theme of loss due to poverty, unemployment and immigration  through a child’s perspective. Connecting the local folklore and mythological monsters with you tube magic tricks and the current de-industrialization of Greece, this film stays faithful to a neorealist approach while looking at the world like a kid does: with curiosity, fantasy and hope.

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Artemis Anastasiadou is a screenwriter and director from Thessaloniki, Greece. She studied Drama and Theatre Arts at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and Film Directing at the University of Texas at Austin. 
Artemis focuses her work on female character studies and explores their hidden emotional landscapes while  tackling diverse transformations of violence.
“To Vancouver” is her first short film shot in rural Greece, and is following the neo-realist approach. Artemis worked in a small community in the island of Evia, employing non-actors and embracing the landscape, the local folklore and the reality of the place within her narrative. She examines issues like sibling love, loss,  immigration, unemployment and environmental pollution  in rural Greece, through the eyes of an eleven year old girl.

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