Grief – Those Who Remain + Q&A

22. Sep, 20:00Kino REX

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Myrto Patsalidou & Maria Louka  


71 min


OV Greek, English








Prosenghisi Film & Video Productions


A descent into the world of mourning and loss through 3 homicide stories, that shocked the  greek and european society: The cruel murders of Shahzad Luqman, Pavlos Fyssas and Zak Kostopoulos. The grieving families of the victims converse with their absences, defend the memory of the dead, transmute their suffering into a fight for justice. A kaleidoscope on the loneliness in the private space, the courtrooms and the streets.

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Myrto Patsalidou (from the picture) has been working as an editor since 1998. In recent years, alongside editing, she has also been directing, mainly series of historical documentaries. "Grief – Those who remain" is her first feature film as both an editor and director.

Maria Louka - Screenwriter and journalist. She has collaborated in documentaries and programs for Cosmote History, Vice Gr, the Stegi / Onassis Foundation. In 2021, her first novel "A woman apologizes" was published. She has been awarded the "Eleni Vlachou" Prize for Journalism and the Migration Media Award for Journalists, and has also been four times nominated  for the European Press Prize

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