Prishtinë 2002 + Q&A

Trëndelina Halili | 2022Short, fiction20 min

02. May 18:30

A Normal Life

Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi & Hugo Berkeley | 2003Documentary63 min

02. May 18:30

Kiss Me, Now

Norika Sefa | 2020Short, documentary6 min

03. May 17:00

Pashtriku + Q&A

Ana Morina | 2023Short, documentary7 min

03. May 17:00

Concrete Couriers - Bartësit e Betonit + Q&A

Vesa Shahini | 2022Short, experimental7 min

03. May 17:00

Si në Vaj + Q&A

Aulona Selmani | 2023Short, fiction23 min

03. May 17:00

I Kissed Your Kiss On Your Girlfriend's Cheek, It Was Still Wet + Q&A

Samuel Weniger, Dardan Zhegrova | 2016Short, experimental8 min

03. May 17:00

Phantom Youth (Bota Jonë)

Luàna Bajrami | 2023Drama94 min

03. May 19:00

I Love You More

Erblin Nushi | 2023Drama93 min

03. May 21:00

Drums Of Resistance + Q&A

Mathieu Jouffre | 2016Documentary65 min

04. May 15:00

Salon + Q&A

Zgjim Terziqi | 2019Short14 min

04. May 16:50

The Future Is Better Comrade

Blerta Haziraj | 2023Documentary, Short14 min

04. May 16:50

Hana E Re + Q&A

Jehona Berisha | 2023Short9 min

04. May 16:50


Dritëro Mehmetaj | 2023Short, drama20 min

04. May 16:50

The Land Within + Q&A

Fisnik Maxville | 2022Fiction108 min

04. May 18:40

A Country Of Two

Neritan Zinxhiria | 2016Drama, Short9 min

04. May 21:30

A Short Trip

Erenik Beqiri | 2023Short, Drama17 min

04. May 21:30

Where Are You Now? + Q&A

Eneos Çarka | 2020Short8 min

04. May 21:30

About Living

Sezer Salihi | 2023Short, Documentary6 min

04. May 21:30

Ka Me Kalu

Flonja Kodheli | 2021Short28 min

04. May 21:30


Ognjen Glavonić | 2018Drama98 min

05. May 18:30

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ECAL / HEAD study trip to Prizren

Writing, shooting, and editing films in three weeks: this is the challenge taken up by the students of the ECAL/HEAD Cinema Masters during their study trip to Prizren, Kosovo in the fall of 2022. An artistic and human dive into the reality of a young and dynamic country which has distinguished itself in recent years by its remarkable cinematographic and artistic development.

Great Men

Anna Joos, Sara Dutch | 2022Short17 min

05. May 16:00


Antoine Scalese, Valentina Parati| 2022Short15 min

05. May 16:00


Loïs de Goumoëns, Loris Ciaburri, Theofanis Papadopulos | 2022Short9 min

05. May 16:00

Searching For Baba

Jonathan Ospina | 2022Short14 min

05. May 16:00

The Mistaken Ones Make A Good Mistake

Saleh Kashefi | 2022Short15 min

05. May 16:00


Fei Fan | 2022Short17 min

05. May 16:00

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Agona Shporta & Tringa Sadiku

Agona Shporta and Tringa Sadiku showcase interpretations of folk songs from Kosovo and Albania.Presented by: Kino Kosova

02. May 21:10

Kreshnik (Kasheme Zurich)

With his outstanding record collection full of treasures Kreshnik invites us on a Soul touching sound journey.

02. May 23:00



This September marks the fifth edition of the Kino Kosova Film Festival in Bern, set to captivate the auidoence with a spectacular celebration of Kosovar film art and the diaspora, guest country and some special screenings.

From 11th to 15th of September, film enthusiasts will converge in Bern for an immersive experience, indulging in a varied selection of films, ranging from shorts to documentaries and full-length productions. The lineup includes works by both seasoned filmmakers and emerging talents, totaling over 30 films hailing from Kosovo, Switzerland, and featuring special screenings. This cinematic event provides audiences with a unique opportunity to delve into the multifaceted world of cinema while gaining insights into diverse perspectives from the Balkan region.

More than a mere film festival, this event serves as a platform for fostering the special connection between Switzerland and Kosovo. It aims to illuminate various aspects that define Kosovar and European societies, including themes like migration, gender, visas and laws, hopes, and struggles. This edition is dedicated to fearless and boundary-pushing filmmakers from the independent film scene, showcasing a hand-picked selection of thought-provoking and visually stunning films that have all found a very unique and innovative way of telling their stories. Visitors can look forward to exciting follow-up discussions with filmmakers and actors as well as exclusive events and concert. 


Sabahet Meta

Artistic Director

Jonas Beer

Managing Director & Fundraising

Ilir Hasanaj

Head of Programme / Q&A host

Aleksandra Hiltmann

Event Host & Debates

Gisela Stöckli

Administration & Art Exhibition

Malaïka Schürch

Visual Identity & Graphic Design



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