Snajka: Diary Of Expectations


Tea Vidović Dalipi


75 min


OV kroatisch, albanisch, englisch | deutsch




Kroatien, Kosovo, Italien






We enter every relationship burdened by identities we have bequeathed from our primary families, be it economic, social or religious. Love, marriage and parenthood between the Croatian woman Tea and the Roma man Mirsad seems in that sense like mission impossible, because their daily life will become scrutinised by their families’ completely different value systems and customs. Burdened by rigorous tradition on the one hand and economic pressure on the other, Mirsad and Tea will expose themselves to the risk of their loved ones’ failed expectations to the risk of jeopardising their own relationship and better future for themselves and their newborn daughter Frida.

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Tea Vidović Dalipi is a sociologist, researcher of migrations and cultural identities and a debut director. Born in Zagreb in 1986, since when she spent years forging the role of a daughter and an older sister, and afterwards a wife and a mother. She studied at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb and in Erfurt, Germany. She has completed Peace Studies in Zagreb and has an active and long collaboration with the Centre for Peace Studies, developing programmes related to asylum seeking and migrations. An active member of civil society in Croatia, collaborating with numerous individuals, organisations and initiatives focusing on the protection of human rights and community activity. In her work she fosters interdisciplinarity and multiple perspectives, and for that reason she combines methods and nourishes collaboration. In 2013 she enrolled in Restart’s School of Documentary Film and found herself in the world of documentary film. Her large desire to master the technique which would make it possible for her to share her views on migrations and the world turned into the production of the film Snajka: Diary of Expectations, which was filmed over a period of ten years.


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