The Milk Snatchers

Donat Vatoci


Lekë Morina


Jon Shala


Viola Rrecaj


Granit Havolli


Starting in 2019 as a project in Prishtina, Kosovo, The Milk Snatchers have quickly made a name for themselves in the local music scene. Their first EP, "Pulse and Pebbles," includes four original songs. The sound is a mix of alternative, post-punk, funk, and no-wave. The band is known for energetic performances and has become a five-piece group in just a year.

The Milk Snatchers’ music and shows reflect their journey from a casual garage band to a recognized part of Prishtina’s alternative music scene. With the release of "Pulse and Pebbles," they’ve established their unique sound and continue sharing their music with a growing audience in and out of Kosovo.

Live Performance:




And The Wind Weeps

Aulona Selmani | 2023Short, fiction25 min

A Normal Life

Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi & Hugo Berkeley | 2003Documentary63 min

Silence Of Sirens

Gazmend Nela | 2023Fiction96 min

Phantom Youth (Bota Jonë)

Luàna Bajrami | 2023Drama94 min

Snajka: Diary Of Expectations

Tea Vidović Dalipi | 2023Documentary75 min

The Future Is Better Comrade

Blerta Haziraj | 2023Documentary, Short14 min

Hana E Re

Jehona Berisha | 2023Short9 min


Birgitte Stærmose | 2024Documentary Form85 min

A Short Trip

Erenik Beqiri | 2023Short, Drama17 min


Fisnik Maxville | 2021Documentary82 min

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