13-15 May
Riffraff Kino Zürich





Kino Kosova goes for the second round this year in Zürich and creates space for current movies from Kosovo and the diaspora. Chosen short, documentary and feature movies show diverse perspectives from the young country and reflect the special connection between Switzerland and Kosovo. Apart from the movies, there are several possibilities to meet and connect between artists and audience - in Q&A`s.

Kino Kosova tells stories from and with different people and thus becomes a place of exchange between different communities.


We insist on freeing the transformative potential of art and films. The appealing form of the short, documentary and feature films allows for the communication of complex issues in an intimate, reflective and profound manner. And no matter whether the topic is political, philosophical, experimental or focused on a narrow section of the world, films expand and question the viewer’s conception of the world.

Film topics are unique, exceptional stories that disrupt us, make us think, inspire us, and can give us a creative experience. Kino Kosova wishes to surprise its audience and at the same time guide them through what we have to offer on the basis of preference, interest, and themes. 

Kino Kosova is organized by KULTURALINK – a Bern based association that works mainly with art and culture.
From concerts to theatres to dance studios to public libraries, Kulturalink brings people together. 
Its main mission is to create connection and exchange programs for artists and youngsters in general, who use artistic skills, such as: photography, video, theater, fine art and music, as a tool for promotion and understanding of Social Culture and enhancement of critical thinking.





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